Make A Wish Donation

Cindy's Day as a Princess from Make A Wish In April 2018 we were blessed with the opportunity to give back. A wonderful woman named Cindy is being given the gift of being a princess for a day from the Make A Wish Foundation and the Flint Area Women with Cancer. Silhouette Salon was able to help contribute by donating services to pamper ... More


From Frizz to Curls

It is possible to not know that you have curly hair, some girls have no idea that their texture, or that they have waves or curls. A lot of girls think that they have frizzy hair and go straight to straightening and thermal styling their hair. They think that they are born with frizzy hair and the truth behind this is that any type of frizz ... More

A Touchable Texture and Tousled Look:

This blog has everything you need to know about DevaCurl’s new Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip. Wave Maker is for those who are looking for effortless, touchable, wavy texture hair that lasts and this is without feeling like he or she has any product in their hair at all. What makes this product great for wavy hair? This lightweight whip ... More

Curl Plumper

A Miracle Curl Plumper

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about B’Leave-In Miracle Curl Plumper and who it’s for!  B’Leave-In is for clients that want to bring out their natural curls, plump them up, and add moisture and shine to their hair. This product is great for wavy hair and super curly hair because the lightweight jelly used in this ... More

DevaCurls Hair Treatment

It is always a good time to replenish your hair with water, but it is not always the right time to use treatment masks on your hair. You see, it is possible to over-treat your hair; too much protein can make your hair hard and make it easier to break. To keep your curls healthy and happy, follow the rules of thumb provided to you in this ... More

happy curls

Happy Girl, Happy Curls!

Children with curly hair should be taught to love their curls from the beginning of their life, it is super important. It is common among children that they have a complex about their naturally curly hair for many reasons. This can stem from seeing princesses with straight hair, to seeing their parents apply chemicals and heat to their curls ... More

deva transformation

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you have curly hair, but you are dying for the straight hairstyle, be careful in how you choose to make that happen. When it comes to naturally curly hair, trying to use chemical straighteners can be your worst nightmare. Don't be fooled by promises of the use of safe ingredients/chemicals. Yes, when you first use the chemical treatment, ... More


DevaCurl Bounce-Back

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the DevaCurl Bounce-Back service. This bounce-back service is suitable for all curl types from wavy curls to super curly curls. If you have dry, tangly, dull, unmanagable curls, you should be interested in this service! The first step of the treatment includes a product called the build-up buster. In ... More

deva transformation

Deva Transformation

Feeling good about the way you look is very important for self confidence. Our hair plays a major role in the way we see ourselves and how others see us. I feel that when we embrace who we truly are and harness our natural beauty, we reach an ultimate level of self-confidence, which can help improve many aspects in our lives as a result! ... More

Bethany Hunts hair stylist new location

I have moved to a new salon in Clio MI

I, Bethany Hunt have moved to a new salon. Silhouette Styling Salon is my new home.  This a great move for my business. I can now give my clients more privacy and better service.  My New salon is located at 11499 N. Saginaw Rd Clio, MI 48420  In my new private room I can do everything for you appoitment in privacy.  I am even selling the ... More