From Frizz to Curls

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It is possible to not know that you have curly hair, some girls have no idea that their texture, or that they have waves or curls. A lot of girls think that they have frizzy hair and go straight to straightening and thermal styling their hair. They think that they are born with frizzy hair and the truth behind this is that any type of frizz is texture, curls or waves. Frizzy hair is just dehydrated hair. Almost all hair products contain silicone which prevents hair from absorbing water. When hair can’t absorb water, it becomes dehydrated and when that happens, it can’t show its true curl potential. The bottom line here is that curly hair craves moisture.

I had a client that came in thinking that she had frizzy hair and that achieving a curly hairstyle. She was worried that she wouldn’t be able to achieve her curly hair goals without having a very wet, crunchy look. But, when she came to me, I was able to show her otherwise. With the help of DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight and One Condition Delight and few styling aids, she could have beautiful waves. She was shocked and very happy with her hair transformation.

Her whole life she was always forced to style her hair one way or another and now with a new repair routine, she can get out of the shower, apply product and go. Air drying is the best way to dry curly hair, especially when it is hot and humid outside. I hope that anyone battling frizzy hair can be shown that with a little love and moisture they can reach the hair of their dreams.

Now I want to walk you through the routine I used on my client. I cleansed with Low-Poo Delight, I conditioned and detangled in the bowl using One Condition Delight. When the cleansing process and the detangling process is done, I had her flip her hair upside down, soaking wet, and applied three products. The first product I used was Wave Maker which is a touchable texture whip. Next, I applied B’Leave-In, which is for texture and volume and it is a miracle curl plumper. I finished with Light Defining Gel, I clipped at the crown and she air-dried her hair. The picture below will show you the amazing results achieved with this routine.

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