A Touchable Texture and Tousled Look:

This blog has everything you need to know about DevaCurl’s new Wave Maker Touchable Texture Whip. Wave Maker is for those who are looking for effortless, touchable, wavy texture hair that lasts and this is without feeling like he or she has any product in their hair at all. What makes this product great for wavy hair? This lightweight whip gives a consistent, wavy texture with gorgeous definition and lasting frizz control every time you use it, with no styling tools required!

What makes Wave Maker so special? The first ingredient in this product is moringa seed, which provides consistent definition and helps hold waves in place. The second key ingredient is the passion flower extract; this contains essential fatty acids that moisturize and fights frizz. The fragrance of this product is passion flower and juicy fruit, which is effortlessly captivating when blended together.

Another great product for curly hair is Low-Poo Delight Mild Lather Cleanser! First apply Low-Poo to wet curls while in the shower and massage with fingertips. Make sure to rinse thoroughly when finished and follow by conditioning with One Condition Delight for a longer lasting moisturized feeling. You may then style and shape your hair by using Wave Maker. When using this product, apply a small amount to the palm of your hand, rub them together and apply to wet hair. Then, you may scrunch waves with either a towel or a diffuser for some extra volume.

Here are some stylist tips for the ultimate wavy look. A tip for defining your curls is to glide the product Wave Maker from the middle of your hair, to the ends and scrunch upward. Then, apply a spray gel to the palms of hands and rub together and scrunch into the hair for added definition for volume. To obtain a frizz-free style, apply volume foam to the roots of your hair. Then, scrunch to encourage volume and lift. You can then follow with the Wave Maker, focusing on the ends scrunching to the middle for beautiful texture and a tousled look.

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