Hairstyles for Curly Hair

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If you have curly hair, but you are dying for the straight hairstyle, be careful in how you choose to make that happen. When it comes to naturally curly hair, trying to use chemical straighteners can be your worst nightmare. Don’t be fooled by promises of the use of safe ingredients/chemicals. Yes, when you first use the chemical treatment, it can make your hair more manageable to straighten and minimize frizz; but the longevity of this outcome is short lived and is only a temporary fix. After the first initial use and the following weeks, your hair starts to become unruly tangly, extremely damaged and broken. Since the treatment doesn’t last long, you will have to continue to use a heated straightener on your hair, which only causes more damage and brokenness every time you apply heat to your hair. If you don’t mind the little baby pieces of broken hairs around your face, or in the bathroom when you brush your hair, then this process is for you. But, if you are someone who loves to bounce back and forth between hair styles, and return to your natural hair, then this treatment isn’t the most satisfying option since it really does more damage than good. Your curls will not bounce back to their original state after applying the chemicals and heat to your hair, you would have to cut your hair and let it grow back your natural, undamaged hairs.

Now, for most of my clients that do want to go natural and embrace their curly texture, the first big chop off is necessary. This cut is important because it allows for the new, undamaged hair to grow and it separates the dead, damaged hair by cutting it off. With experience, I know how scary it is to cut your hair because your curls can bounce back a little too far. I know this can make you feel like you’ve lost more hair than you really did, but it is necessary in order to grow back your healthy, curly, undamaged hair. This is where I step in; I am a DevaCurl specialist and I am trained to handle all of your concerns and can show you the way back to having the natural curls of your dreams!

In the picture you see a woman who had chemically straightened her hair and decided to go back to her natural curls. You notice in the before picture that her hair is damaged and her curls are no longer what they used to be. She was concerned about how to get her hair back to normal due to all of the straight, frizzy, broken hairs at the ends, and then her new, fresh roots were very curly. Due to the half straight, frizzy hairs, and the curly roots, this woman had no idea how to manage her hair because the straight parts wouldn’t curl. This left her feeling very insecure and embarassed of her hair, which is what brought her to me. When she came to me, I was able to cut just enough hair off that her curls bounced back, but not too much and not leaving her with a feeling of having very short hair. She left my chair feeling very confident and happy with her natural curls, and she now knows how to embrace her beautiful, natural hair texture.

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