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Feeling good about the way you look is very important for self confidence. Our hair plays a major role in the way we see ourselves and how others see us. I feel that when we embrace who we truly are and harness our natural beauty, we reach an ultimate level of self-confidence, which can help improve many aspects in our lives as a result! Teenage years are hard on everyone, especially natural curly girls that haven’t yet learned how to manage their mane. It is my goal to teach girls how to love their curls instead of being critical about the beauty they have naturally!

This is a high school student who had been straightening her hair for the last 4 years and, because of the heat damage, her hair had completely broken multiple inches off the bottom. I performed a bounce-back service with a Deva Cut, a DevaCurl Buildup Buster treatment, which is a gentle cleansing product that removes buildup from products, hard water, and other sources without stripping your hair, and followed with One Condition Decadence to condition, moisturize, and define her natural curls. I then styled with B’Leave-In, SuperCream, and Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam.

All she needed was a great Deva Cut and her hair is now hydrated, healthy, and her curls are POPPIN’!

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